Creating audio guides - the ringing map of bavaria 

The Bavarian community college centres aim to communicate the variety of local Bavarian history, of Bavarian art and culture. Due to this purpose, the folks of Bavaria now have the opportunity to paint  audible pictures of their home regions by creating brief audio features in a very creative way. Audio guides will evolve by that, that are crafted by people, who evolved from the region they depict. They will make the map of Bavaria ring. You can download descriptions of this project (in German language only) here.

Guitar lessons

Since 2016 I offer via the  VHS Augsburger Land e.V. guitar lessons for beginners (very beginners and intermediate beginners). You can download my educational stuff for guitar beginners (in German language only) here.

A brief overview of all our lessons

Take a look at the time table with all our lessons here: lessons at the Künstlerhaus